Feline skin disorders

Pets also face troublesome skin at times and if we see the cat itching and scratching about time and again, it is time to have a look. A cat having skin irritation will also behave in a restless maner.The most common cause of skin problems in cats is fleas. Presence of leas on the body will cause itchy skin . There are many medicines and compounds available to eliminate fleas from the cat's body as well as the household.However, there are other causes of the feline itch and these need to be diagnosed properly.

Types and indications of the feline skin disorder

Continuous itching and resultant skin damage .
Hair loss
Miliary dermatis
Miliary dermatitis is condition in which one can see formation of multiple crusty lesions on the cat's skin.It is an itchy dermatosis associated with greasy, dandruff-filled small crusts all over the body. Sometimes, one can see these lesions more in the neck, tail or head areas. These lesions can be very itchy resulting in constant scratching by the cat and grooming problems can result from this.
Another manifestation of a skin disorder in cats is rodent ulcers. Rodent ulcers affect the lip area and the lips can look to be eroded or eaten away. Linear granulomas and eosinophilic plaques are other types of skin disorders in cats. Plaques can be seen around the trunk areas and granulomas, near chin or the hind legs.

Causes of skin infections

Different disorders appear with different symptoms but the causes of skin disorders in cats can be attributed to fleas and other parasites. However, there are other causes also which can be summarized as:

Fungal infections
Bacterial infections
Food allergies
Insect bites
Dust allergy
Ear and other mites.

Treatment and prevention

A complete diagnosis by a vet is necessary to identify the cause and prescribe treatment. Investigation may be conducted in different stage. Physical examination ,analysis if hair samples, and coat brushing to look for flea related conditions, monitoring of response to flea control medication and different diets to understand food allergies, or even an intradermal check for allergies. It must be said, that not all investigations result in root cause identification, however, the vets try a step by step approach to remove the skin disorders .Extensive studies reveal that flea induced skin disorder is the most common cause and all must be done to ensure eradication of fleas from the household.

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